Company FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and other unique Ivystone Group facts:

Q1: When was Ivystone Group LLC formed?

A: Ivystone Group LLC was formed on January 31, 2009. We welcome you to view our history and timeline to understand the journey traveled to form Ivystone LLC.

Q2: Where did the Ivystone Group name come from?

A: Ivystone was the name of a large farm purchased by our CEO’s father, Douglas C. Cofiell. He moved his office and home to the farm in Downingtown, PA and named the business after the beautiful land. He refurbished the barn and converted into his offices and this was the beginning of the Ivystone Group.

Q3: What is the difference between Ivystone Group LLC and Ivystone?

A: A: Ivystone Group LLC is the name of our parent company which manages our brands: Ivystone, Ivystone Luxe and Simblist. Ivystone is one of our brands representing leading vendors to our wholesale customers promoting merchandise in gift, home and fashion.

Q4: What are the benefits of my products being represented by Ivystone Group LLC?

A: Through our professional sales teams we offer a consistent and personal reach to thousands of regional, national and wholesale businesses throughout the country. In addition, Ivystone Group supports our field and inside sales teams with robust technologies including: sales automation, e-marketing, social media and informational and transactional websites for each of our brands: Ivystone and Simblist. Each Ivystone Group sales representative is also supported by their own personal web page.

Q5: Would you represent my product line in every region of the country?

A: We evaluate each product line acquisition based on regional strengths and where Ivystone Group determines it is the best fit within each brand.

Q6: How many lines does each sales rep have in their package?

A: Our most common model is to build a regional sales division with a compatible mix of 12-20 lines. We take into account demographics and geography.

Q7: What is average length of time your sales reps have been in this industry?

A: We have many tenured sales reps who have been with us for multiple years and are dedicated to Ivystone Group and the industry. The average length of time sales reps have been with Ivystone Group is 10 years.

Q8: Who are your customers?

A: Overall, Ivystone Group LLC has over 40,000 customers encompassing a wide array of wholesale businesses. Retailers, designers, ecommerce and national accounts are the predominate customer types . Please refer to each specific brand page: Ivystone , Ivystone Luxe and Simblist for more details.

Q9: Where are your showrooms?

A: We have award winning showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas. In addition, we have regional showrooms in Exton, Pennsylvania and Denver, Colorado. For more details, please check out our showrooms page.

Q10: Do you participate in any other tradeshows?

A: Yes, our sales teams travel and participate in most every trade show which their customers attend.

Q11: How can my company be considered for one the Ivystone Group’s three sales brands?

A: Please visit our Contact page and provide us with information. We look forward to learning more about your company!